I Need to Avoid a Loser Partner

QI work with this one partner who loves me, but he’s a total loser and not very well respected. How do I get away from him?  I’m worried he’s hindering my own chances at partner. I’m a 4th year.

AIt’s like having a really hot prisoner in love with you. It’s kind of flattering, but not really. The only way out is to get work from a partner with more juice. So start networking. Let other partners know that you’re interested in working with them on any new deals/cases. But be aggressive. Stay on them. Track their projects, stick your head in their door, bump into them on purpose in the firm coffee room. The only way out of this dead-end relationship is to make a more important partner fall in love with you.

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    a fourth year?  dude, you’ve got a long way to go before you are even considered for partnership unless you are a superstar. . . so i say you have plenty of time to get out from under the loser partner but i agree:  start networking; do your business development when things are slow . . young associates just don’t seem to ‘get’ that biz dev is just as important as billable hours.