I Want to Know: Who the Hell is Ex-Bitter?

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QWho the hell are you? And why do you feel so entitled to give advice?

AI don’t necessarily feel entitled to give advice, I just do. It’s up to you to read it, agree with it, hate it, or improve upon it.

The real question here is: Why are you so angry? I mean, it doesn’t cost you anything to read this column. I’m not forcing you to agree with or like me. I don’t pretend to have some legal crystal ball or to have the perfect answer for every question submitted.

In all sincerity, I just try to give an honest, helpful and, if possible, entertaining opinion. If that bothers you, there’s no constructive advice I can offer. As for who the hell I am? It’s none of your goddamn business. Though, y’know, if you read a bit of my advice that would get you in the right direction.

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  • IPOrainmaker

    sometimes alma’s posts are funny just because he’s managed to keep the persona going for so long

  • Bitter Fan

    The poster is a fool. Ex-Bitter rocks.  How can you hate a free lunch?

  • Big Jim

    Ex Bitter’s probably some stoner frat dude from a party school.

  • Uknow

    I know who ex bitter is, and I’m willing to offer up my secrets for a mere $500,000.  Any takers?

  • Alma Federer

    Actually, who cares?  Clearly this guy is just a tool who works for the website, and probably flunked out of California Western Law.  And he is probabley the same tool who yanked my comments.?  Come on!  Male Chauvinist pigs!

  • Genius

    Yeah, I’m sure he’s a total tool.  Not a really cool, interesting, accomplished lawyer like you, alma.  Loser much?  War to Ex-Bitter!!!!

  • BL1Y

    At least this guy is more entertaining than that BL1Y tool.

  • Guano Dubango

    Hello, I just returned from a week of due diligence in connection with a 3(a)(9) exchange offer I am handling for a client.  How is everything?  What did I miss?  Why has Alma been dissed?  Way to go Alma, you go, Girl!  They are tools!