I Want to Make Banker Dollars

My friend is 30, works at Goldman and made three million dollars last year.  I almost vomited when I heard this.  I’m the same age, smarter and work harder.  What am I missing?

Not missing a damn thing.  He went into a profession where people make tons of money–and fast.  You went into a profession where people don’t.  PS–Why are you so sure you’re smarter than he is?  I mean, he made three mill last year and you probably made, what, 200k?

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  • Dr. Juris

    it’s not all about money.

  • Bitter Lawyer

    So why do we do this?  Passion?  Love of the law?  Saving the world?

  • Phil

    Shit… I wish I made 200k… So much for defending perverts, drunks, wifebeaters and druggies…

  • Doctor Doctor

    Dr. Juris, really?  What’s it about then?  When and how do the relative intangibles of the practice of law come into play to make it “about” something else?  What’s the practice of law “about,” such that making tons of cash as a banker isn’t “about?”

  • Former Associate

    This year, he is probably going to make $95K.  How much of the $3m was in cash?  If it was in GS stock, it is probably worth much less now.  An anecdote to make you feel better.  I have a friend who is a former big law assoc. turned banker.  Now a managing director.  He asserted that, in the long run, it is more lucrative to be a lawyer.  It is like the tortoise and the hare.

  • law student Z

    Am I seriously supposed to feel sorry for someone who made “only” $200,000 last year?  Try living on SS Disability making $9,000 per year (which plenty of people do) and then cry about how you don’t make enough you greedy asshole.

  • Jimmy on Wall Street

    If you are concerned about you’re friend making more money than you, than money IS an issue, and you are stupid for not going into investment banking / PE/HF

  • Al Dickman

    Maybe the guy made a lot more money at Goldman, but you probably impressed a lot more skanks at the bar with your law degree.  You might also have an STD or 2 to show for your efforts.  He also probably worked long hours for his scratch while you were playing with yourself watching old Seinfeld reruns.  That ought to be worth a few bucks.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself.  You are making enough money to be labeled a douchebag.  Enjoy your status, Douchebag!

  • Just another lawyer

    You mustn’t be as smart as you think because the answer is simple – go and be a banker!  Did it seriously take you this long to figure out that being a lawyer is not a particularly financially wise decision?