I Want to Move to LA

Currently work at a big NY firm, but I want to move to LA.  Scheduled four interviews for next week.  Problem is: The case I’m working on just heated up.  Don’t think partner will be too thrilled about me calling in sick, or whatever.  Should I tell him I want to move to LA?  That I have interviews scheduled?  Or should I reschedule the LA interviews for a time when I’m not busy?  I want to be respectful of my current employer, but I don’t want to blow off these interviews either.  Please advise.

Unless your presence is critical to the pending matter, invent an excuse and get the hell out to LA for your interviews.  As you know, the job market sucks right now.  So, if you have an interview for an intriguing job in the city of your dreams, you have no choice but to pursue it.  I respect your desire to be respectful, but if you’re too respectful, you’ll never leave the office and never get a new job.  As for valid “fake”excuses, a few of my favorites are “I’m the maid of honor in my cousin’s wedding” and “My sister’s throwing my father a surprise 60th birthday party.” But perhaps the best excuse of all is the truth.  “Sorry, I need to go to LA next week for personal reasons.” And just leave it at that.

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  • Al Dickman

    Go, you dilweed!  If you’re a man, you should run fast to the airport.  I never found a place with better babes (sorry NY); LA is the place for hot women (not so much female lawyers tho).  If you can deal with the LA traffic, you’ll have it made.  I recommend it highly to the guys.  Women lawyers, you can of course stay and take those guys’ law firm jobs.

  • Anon

    “I have to attend pre-trial intervention in L.A.” Its a half-truth if you think about it.

  • Anonymous

    Al: NYC has the highest ratio of single women to single men.  Also, women in NYC tend to make more money than men, so there’s even less competition for guys who make bank.
    As for whether the girls in LA are hotter, both cities have extremely hot women.  The issue is just quantity.  LA gets more wanna-be movie stars, while NYC has wanna-be theater stars.  Movies>Theater, 100%.  But, NYC gets more of the models.

  • Grow up, Al


  • E-Monster

    Why is everyone hating on everyone else.  It doesn’t take a tough guy to rip another on as an anonymous commenter on a blog….relax.

  • Alex

    Agreed.  We are just trying to find the city with the best tail.  NY or LA.  There seems to be a difference of opinion.  In my view there are too many mules in NYC.  I vote for LA.

  • john

    Worst advice ever!  Your most likely scenario is you get none of the jobs in LA and you piss off your boss.  Do they really need dead weight at your current firm?  You may get canned and have no job.  The interviewing firms would find it perfectly acceptable and desirable that you take your job seriously enough to put off an interview.

  • Alex Hump

    Dude, I Disagree.  The lawyer must pursue a job where he can live, and LA is the place. Dickman is right.  LA is where the real women are, man.  NY is full of real trolls.  LA has the hottest twat.

  • Weather Man

    LA may seem to have a higher concentration of hotter people in general, because the weather is nice all year round, so they are tanner, more fit, and wear skimpier clothes than people in NY, where there are actual seasons. Having lived in NY for several years (and now living in SoCal), I can say for a fact – you don’t see a lot less hot people in the dead of winter in NY.