I Want to Practice Sports Law

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I’m a second year law student looking to get into sports law.  Any thoughts?

First off, it’s not really a type of law.  Sounds cool, I know.  “Sports Law.” In fact, I wanted to get into it too.  Until I realized it didn’t really exist.  It’s like wanting to get into Santa Claus law.  It’s not real.  Unfortunately.  God doesn’t give with both hands, hombre.  But I get where you’re coming from: You like sports and want to find a way to make a living as a lawyer doing something you actually dig.  Worthy objective.  But sports law isn’t a realistic gig.  My advice is:  Try to get a job interning for a sports team (e.g., Boston Red Sox) or professional league (e.g., NFL) in their legal department.  Or, try to get into sports management or representation.  Check out firms like AIG and CAA.  You wouldn’t actually be practicing law, but your JD would probably help you get an interview.

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  • Brett

    I had this same thought when I was in law school; until I took a Sports Law class.  It was probably the dullest class I have ever taken.  Nothing but anti-trust.  Seriously.