I Wonder if 2L Grades Matter

I’m a 2L at a Pennsylvania T2 law school.  I’ve received and accepted a summer associate position at a top Detroit firm.  How much will my grades and staying on law review this year affect my chances of getting an offer at the end of the summer?  (Assuming that I do an adequate job while actually working as an SA next summer.)

For the most part, your grades will be irrelevant in the hiring decision.  The firm will most likely make its decision based entirely on your performance as a summer associate.  Evaluating your actual performance as a lawyer is far more important than your second-year GPA.  Having said that, don’t start partying your ass off just yet.  Some firms do review second-year grades—especially in a tight job market like this.  So keep working hard, but don’t freak out about an occasional B or B- either.

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  • Al Dickman

    Just how much partying can a 2nd year douchebag do either in Pennsylvania now or Detroit next summer?  What you should have told this dillweed is that all of his grades eventually get weighed into his class standing, and that if he doesn’t get an offer, or, pray tell, doesn’t want to work forever in Detroit, he will have to face the job market again next year.  Since there is a fair chance he will have to interview next year, I strongly recommend this dickweed keep his nose buried in his text books now, and, more importantly stay away from the lure of late night poontang and booty calls in the motor city this summer.  This will enhance his ability to gain productive work after law school rather than just carrying around memories and other remnants of a summer in Detroit.

  • Anon

    Given the state of the economy, there is an increased chance you’ll get no-offered and have to look for a job again next year. I’d keep my grades up if I were you.

    Also, a lot of firms have GPA cut-offs that they continue to apply to their summers. There was a friend in my class (T1, Calif.) who was given a “conditional offer” because his GPA dropped so much during his 2L year. He was told to raise it as a 3L or they wouldn’t hire him.

  • Anon

    Al Dickman, you’re a douchebag.

  • Southern Lawyer

    Yeah, dude your grades are just as important your second year!!!  I mean, shit, what if you don’t like that job?? Crazier things have happened…Or, they may think you suck.  Why put all your eggs in one basket??  You’re in law school…you’ve made law review….don’t slack off now…what a waste!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with Southern Lawyer and Al Dickman.  Both are spot on.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I forgot.  Dickman is right about Detroit.  You have to watch out when you party there.  After, midnight, the only thing that is open is legs.