I Work for a Crazy Senior Associate

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QI’m working with an asshole senior associate who I think just gave me a shitty review—which I didn’t deserve. I promise. This guy is on all kinds of anti-depressants and other medication. I think he is manic-depressive or something. He sees a shrink three times a week. But he’s very secretive about this. Don’t think the firm knows. Should I bring this up at my review?

AKeep your mouth shut and accept the bad evaluation. Selling out the “asshole senior associate” will make you look like a whiny punk. If he’s as crazy as you suggest, the partners already know this. Trust me. Take it on the chin and move on and try not to work for this person again. And don’t worry about the shitty review. Assuming it’s your only one, you’ll be fine. The firm won’t even blink.

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  • Skadden Boy

    Same thing happened to me.  Gave me an “average” review because I couldn’t work ONE weekend (my girlfriend was in town from LA) after about ten straight months of 20 hour days.

  • Para

    If he’s going three times a week, chances are the firm knows…since that’s time he’s ‘not’ billing.

  • YrNextBestAsst

    Im going only once a week….what a slacker i must be!!