I'm at the Bottom at Harvard

QI’m finishing up my second year at Harvard. Thing is, I’m at the likely dead bottom of my class. Rather than doing a lot of studying, I’d spend time at a Red Sox game or hang out reading at various coffee shops and other places (museums and such). Now I’m at the bottom and wondering if I should stick it out and see what happens or give up the quest and move on to something else. Advice?

AI call bullshit on this one, dude. You’re at the bottom of your class at Harvard? Dang. But to say it’s because you attended the Dustin Pedroia School of Law is a crock, an excuse and not a justification. It’s like you want to portray yourself as a budding genius who’s bored by the details and could excel if you just felt like it. BS. It’s obvious you either 1) don’t care; or 2) can’t cut it at Harvard. Or both, and you’re on the long downslide to doing nothing with your degree except responding to bill collectors.

If you actually do care—and I doubt you do—you can double down, work hard, and try to impress someone with a ninth-inning comeback. Or, as you sardonically put it, “see what happens.” But even with a Harvard degree it’s probably a longshot to find something meaningful for employment once you’re out. At least initially.

And if you don’t care, then you can either finish off your illusion of grandeur and genius by graduating at the very bottom, which, after all, someone has to do. But, to be honest, if you really don’t care then do us all a favor by dropping out now and becoming a hedge fund manager or something. You’d actually be in pretty good company.

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  • Chipper

    What’s the difference between the Harvard lawyer who was at the top of his class and the Harvard lawyer who barely passed? Nothing, they’re both lawyers.

    • southern bitter

      uh…and they both went to harvard. would you rather be top of your class at a T4? get over yourself.

  • Hank

    Get the degree, at least you’ll be a douche with a JD from Harvard.

    If you get a job, great! If you don’t get a job, at least you will be able to say you’re a douche with a JD from Harvard.

    I think you ought to get you a job, at least one pushing shopping carts back into the Piggley Wiggley!

  • Neshika

    Isn’t Harvard law pass/fail now?!? So how exactly does one graduate at the bottom?