I’m Attending a Partner’s Dinner Party

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Q A partner invited me to dinner party this Saturday night. Didn’t say much else, like who else is coming, what the dress code is, etc. Should I wear a sport jacket?  Bring a gift?  P.S. I’m a 28-year-old man and live in L.A.

A Don’t do brain surgery here, buddy. Wear what you’d wear to dinner at AOC on a third date with a cute chick. Done. As for a gift? Yeah, sure. No upside in showing up empty-handed, right? But keep it simple. Like a nice, moderately expensive bottle of Cabernet. Or some fancy cupcakes. But don’t go overboard. Spend about $50. And do not bring scented candles or patchouli.

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    What are you…socially inept? Ever hear of GQ or Esquire?