I’m Considering an Unaccredited Law School

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QI live in Phoenix, and we only have two law schools: Arizona State and a provisionally accredited private school. I have already been accepted to the private school and been offered a scholarship. I expect an acceptance letter from Arizona State as well.

My question: Does it look bad to have graduated from a school with provisional accreditation?

Some background on the private school: It has been open three years, got its provisional accreditation last year, had a 95% bar passage rate, and, according to the school, has strong relationships with the local legal community. Assuming they become fully accredited after the three-year wait period, I would graduate after the school was granted full accreditation.

Would this improve my chances? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

A“Provisionally accredited” is like “conditionally employed.” It’s better than saying “unemployed loser” but it still doesn’t mean you have a goddamn job.

So, if your choice is Arizona State vs. Unaccredited Private School, go with ASU. It’s a no-brainer. Not to mention the Pac 10 football and basketball action you get to watch when you’re not studying.

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