I’m Just a Happy Person

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QPeople tell me that I come across as just a happy individual. I am concerned if this affects my interviews. I just don’t find them stressful. I am generally always at ease and enjoy talking to people. Is it possible to come across as overly nonchalant? Should I try to be more serious?

AAs sad it sounds, yes. And yes. Since most lawyers—and law students—are nervous, anxious, neurotic overachievers, it is possible that, on a relative basis, your “happiness” could be mistaken for a lack of dedication. But as long as you appear focused and committed, in addition to happy and nonchalant, you’ll be fine. Remember, your job as a junior lawyer, for the most part, is to help process complex and highly-detailed documents. Neither happiness nor nonchalance help accomplish that task. On the plus side, your calm behavior is probably reassuring and helps you stand out relative to the neurotic mob. So stop freaking out about not freaking out, you’ll be just fine.

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  • Al Dickman

    Be serious, not giddy.  No one wants a giddy lawyer.  Giddy paralegal, maybe, but not a lawyer.  Your job is to get the job done, not going around “hee hee hee aren’t I cute”.  First of all youre not; second of all they’re paying you to work, not flirt.