I’m Nervous About My Exit Interview

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QI’m a Summer Associate and have my exit interview coming up. I think I did a great job, but I know offers are scarce and want to make sure I’m prepared. What should I say? What if they offer me a job? Any other tips?

AThe following script is recommended for any smart summer associates, whether or not they actually want to accept that firm’s offer for fulltime employment.

SUMMER ASSOCIATE: Thank you very much for an amazing summer. I learned a lot, met great people… and, of course, I’d love the opportunity to work here as a fulltime associate.

PARTNER: Does that mean you’d accept an offer if we were to extend one to you?

SUMMER ASSOCIATE:  Yes. Absolutely.

In other words, no matter what, be gracious, appreciative, and excited as hell about working there full-time. Even if you hate the damn place!

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  • BL1Y

    Early reports are showing firms giving the historical 90-100% offer rates.  I think most places know that the economy will be different in a year.  I’d expect to see very high offer rates from large firms, but also expect start dates to be moved to January 2011 (either changed in the offer, or changed later if business is still slow in the Fall of 2010).  It’s easier for a firm to push pack your start date or just drop you at a later time than it is to go through the recruiting process again if they no-offer you but suddenly need more junior associates.  The safe (and douchy) bet is to give you an offer, but drop you later.  Don’t think offers are set in stone this time around.

  • Guano

    It is good to have job in a pocket, even later you decide not to work there, or if firm decide to go back on offer. I recomend that person always look good, act good and pretend they want job.  Not too much different from when you determine if you want to marry woman.  You must consider all woman as eligible until they disqualify themself.

  • Anon

    Good advice.

  • Anonymous

    that’s good advice for any job interview. take it!

  • Georgie

    agree. great advice. take it and run.

  • Joe

    Like it.

  • Bravo

    Congrats BL!Y you sound like an intelect

  • Pacific Reporter


  • Li Yuan

    I have exit interview, tell firm I like working. Firm tell me maybe they make offer in January for next year. I do not want to wait.  What should I do?