I’m Nervous About My Exit Interview

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QI’m a Summer Associate and have my exit interview coming up. I think I did a great job, but I know offers are scarce and want to make sure I’m prepared. What should I say? What if they offer me a job? Any other tips?

AThe following script is recommended for any smart summer associates, whether or not they actually want to accept that firm’s offer for fulltime employment.

SUMMER ASSOCIATE: Thank you very much for an amazing summer. I learned a lot, met great people… and, of course, I’d love the opportunity to work here as a fulltime associate.

PARTNER: Does that mean you’d accept an offer if we were to extend one to you?

SUMMER ASSOCIATE:  Yes. Absolutely.

In other words, no matter what, be gracious, appreciative, and excited as hell about working there full-time. Even if you hate the damn place!

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