Jessica Garvey as Bottom Rung's Paige

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With Paige, we wanted to avoid the typical, perfect unattainable girl. We wanted a girl with her own issues and problems. Honestly, how else would she end up down in document review? It’s not a world filled with lookers. So we came up with the backstory that she was in a band and she sort of had a phase were she dated and slept with a lot of drummers.

After a failed music career, she realized she had to stop dating losers. So she went to law school and got a “real job.” She tries to be content with this life—she’s not really a dreamer because she’s OK collecting checks and doing her own thing on the side.

On a deeper level there is a part of her that wants to chase a music career. During the series Dave tries to help prod her in that direction. She doesn’t really see Dave as the right guy for her because she doesn’t want someone irresponsible anymore. So that’s why she’s dating a “real attorney.” Even though her boyfriend is a bit of a d-bag associate, she’ll take that over a dreamer, at least at this point in her life. So, while it’s going be tough for Dave to break through with Paige, it won’t stop him from trying.

Jessica Garvey plays Paige. Jessica also produced the Bottom Rung, so her hands were full running around scouting set locations, helping with set design, makeup, wardrobe, revising scripts, budget issues. You name it, she was on it.

She’s used to multitasking though. She was recently in an Indie film called Sucker, which is a spoof of Twilight, as well in multiple national commercials and quite a few Funny or Die videos.

In addition to her acting success, she runs a website called The Hostess Handbook. It’s a go-to site for “girls on the go who have no dough.” Every day she gives tips on what to wear, what to eat, how to plan a party at your home, where the cool hotspots are. She has a book coming out next year and was just hired as the Style and Beauty Editor for

Watch the rest of the Bottom Rung, including character sketches of the dreamers, gunners, and lifers that make up document review.

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  • Guano Dubango

    This is the same video as before? We already know she banged a lot of drummers. If you are going to feature this woman (and that is not a bad idea), let’s get to know her with multiple interviews, not the same one we heard a few days ago. We need for her to generate some new excitement in the story line that will enliven the website’s readers into responding rather than sitting back inert-like and doing nothing.

    I recommend she get into some sort of cat fight with the bruiser that is running doc review, with some of the guys coming to her rescue and then this woman going out with the one that is the nerdiest one. In that way, we can all learn a lesson from this woman.

  • miserable associate

    My roommate in college was a drummer, he used to bang girls like this all the time while I was in the room.