Johnson Gets Reprieve From 30 Day Sentence for Excessive Celebration

Chad Johnson Proves once again that touchdown celebrations were just the beginning of his legacy for antics on and off of the football field.  According to Sporting News, the former NFL Wide Receiver was set to settle a plea deal last Monday when things took an unfortunate turn.  While the judge was discussing the deal the Judge asked Johnson about his satisfaction with his attorney, he patted attorney Allen Swickle on the butt to show his approval.  This action earned the controversial NFL player the laughter of the courtroom and a thirty day jail sentence as a performance bonus. Luckily for him, this week the judge let Johnson out of jail after hearing his heartfelt apology.

The debacle started just as it seemed that Johnson was going to escape jail time for the domestic abuse charges brought against him by his ex-wife, the Judge Changed her mind. Judge McHugh scolded him for making light of the situation and degrading the courtroom.  In order to protect the courtroom from becoming little more than a locker-room, she put Johnson in jail for 30 days. Well, part of thirty days.

The interesting thing is that they judge was okay with letting this guy skate on the charges of head-butting his wife. What really irked the court was his demeanor in the court room.  As a football player, thousands of people tuned in to watch Johnson.  He was talented, but most of his fame was gained through the speculation around his next touchdown dance.

His increasingly intricate and flamboyant touchdown dances garnered significant public attention outside of the NFL.  His charismatic personality led to several TV appearances among other cameos. He even tried his hand at other sports including horse racing (not as the jockey).  It can be argued that these antics distracted both him and the public from his inability to carry teams to greatness.

So this latest news may not be as surprising as it seems.  Maybe this is part of his genius.  Rather than focus on  the details of his sentence for domestic abuse, Johnson has again shifted the attention to his playful personality and whimsical attitude. Now let’s see what kind of celebration his release from jail will receive!

Image: Chad Johnson at the 12th Annual Young Hollywood Awards, Wilshire Ebell Theater, Los Angeles, CA. 05-13-10