Keep an Eye on Those Friend Requests

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If the National Law Journal has anything to say about it, your psycho ex and that kid you sorta knew in second grade aren’t the only people stalking you on Facebook these days. According to a recent article, attorneys and jury consultants have increasingly been turning to social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace to dig up personal information about potential jurors. “To mine the gold,” the article explains, “jury consultants have begun turning to private investigators, some of whom have started niche businesses offering Internet jury research and ‘personality profiling’ of jurors.” As one jury consultant explained, “You get a picture of the juror that’s almost always different. It’s often well worthwhile to look.”

While we’re all for making strides in the jury selection process, unless these consultants are hoping to find what Saved by the Bell character potential jurors may be or how many times they’ve “thrown a sheep” at one of their 978 closest friends, we’re not so sure how much of a legal gold mine this new trend may prove to be. Will keep you posted. [National Law Journal via]

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