Kickerstarter Campaign for ZoMBiE LaW!!

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As Kickstarter campaigns go, this one couldn’t be anymore dead. That is, dead like a zombie!

Joshua Warren, a practicing New York attorney and artist, has set his sights on creating that one last casebook that we, as lawyers, wish was on our shelves but isn’t. The Zombie Law Casebook. Warren has collected over 300 federal cases that contain zombie references and intends to consolidate them in a beautifully bound, official-looking casebook for the brain-eating masses (and non-attorneys as well).

You can pull the brain out!

Warren has also created perks for the various levels of backers. Our favorites? Posters and postcards of the U.S. Supreme Court as zombies (see post image) and a limited edition zombie flash drive where you can pull the brain out of the head (inedible).

How awesome would it be to have Warren’s zombie casebook sitting next to Prosser on Torts on the credenza? We can only hope that Warren’s zombies make it to the living.

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  • Nate Dawg

    When law schools start drafting zombie-related literature, you know the zombie fad has jumped the shark. Now we just need a Hellerstein treatise on zombie taxation to round out the fad.

    • Nate Dawg

      D’oh, lawyers, not law schools. Good thing I’m an accountant.

  • Jerry

    Will there ever be pretty women willing to bang us?