Krazy Glue May Not Really Be “All Purpose”

A 44-year old Florida man going by the names Calvin E. Butler and Tameika Butler has been charged with injecting silicon into his patients’ butts in a West Palm Beach motel. And closing the wounds with Krazy Glue.

Calvin/Tameika had a good thing going, charging patients (wait, can you call them patients if he is not a real doctor?) around $200 for each silicon injection, until patients (okay, victims) started to end up in the hospital.

When his victims suffered horrendous side effects from his procedure, Calvin/Tameika advised for warm baths and massages. Keep in mind he has no medical license or certifications – or gloves or protective clothing. That being said, his methods proved as ineffective as sealing up a wound with Krazy Glue.

One such victim visited the motel four times. Four times. And if going to a motel to receive a butt implant from a man who went by both Calvin and Tameika wasn’t enough, you would think that the Krazy Glue would seal the deal – literally. But nope, four times.  Needless to say, this victim ended up in the hospital after painful nodules developed over the injections.

Another victim even had to have parts of his (yes, men can get butt implants too) butt surgically removed after the botched procedure led to open sores at the injection sites. When questioned by the cops, this victim said the two had met after Butler was released from prison (red flag number 3, not even going there).  Since they were old pals, Butler only charged him $100 a pop.

When Butler heard that his victim wasn’t able to tough through the recovery he – like most in the medical profession – became angry. He chose his finest jewelry, wig, and fur coat and stormed over to the hospital to remind that man that “You need to remember who the @#$% in charge is.” This is about the time when authorities became curious.

As of Wednesday, Calvin/Tameika was being held on $15,000 bond, and it was unknown whether he has an attorney.

Surprising enough, this is not the first time Florida has been riddled with a phony butt doctor. In November 2011 Oneal Ron Morris was arrested after injecting mixtures including cement and Fix-a-Flat into her patients’ butts.

If we had to find a moral of this story I’d guess it would be not to get plastic surgery, or any surgery or medical treatment for that matter, in a motel by a man who goes by a woman’s name. And if you didn’t know that before you read this article, then you have your work cut out foryou.

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Guest post by Jeana Brookes, a law enthusiast and avid blogger. Read more of her material at

  • Mitchell K.

    It’s hard to have sympathy for these ‘victims’ who were dumb enough to let someone – regardless of his or her name(s) – perform any kind of procedure on their body in a motel room, let alone without wearing sterilized gloves. What did they expect? To walk out of that motel look like J.Lo or Kim K.? I would bet good money that he didn’t hide the fact that he was using Krazy Glue either.

    Maybe next time he should try Gorilla Glue. That’s what my butt doctor uses.

  • Jill

    Alot of us want nice tuchuses and don’t have the money to go to doctors.