Law Firm 10 to Offer Dating and Relationship Advice

You read that right. Law Firm 10, whose dating, relationship, and associated exploits have graced Bitter Lawyer now for nearly four years, has offered to serve the Bitter Lawyer community of readers by providing invaluable advice in response to dating questions of all kinds. Beginning very soon, she’ll start doling out advice and opinions on any number of dating and relationship issues.

To send her a question, forward it to Please include “Dating Q for LF10” in the subject line.

  • Laura

    LF10 giving advice? Isn’t she the one that is looking to rope in a guy? If she can’t even get one, how in the world is she going to be able to tell other women how to do so? Or, worse yet, advise guys how to be a success with the women?

    I suggest she first find a guy, settle down, pop out a few kids, then (and only then) consider becoming an expert. Right now, I am not even sure she knows — nor would I think to rely on her for — even the most basic of information about the male anatomy.

    • Guano Dubango

      In the past, I offered myself as a potential mate for LF10, but my overtures have not been accepted (or for that matter even acknowledged). By now, however, I cannot be assured of her fecundity, so I am formally withdrawing my offer. So at this point, in accordance with the wishes of my Aunt Ooona, LF10 will have to find another man to provide her both with the material things she desires as well as the proper sexual attention she deserves as an aging (i.e. over 35 year) matron.

  • A

    The only women qualified to give advice to other women on relationships are those who parlayed their beauty during their peak years into longterm commitment from a high status man. Questioners of LF10 should understand her advice is designed for women who aspire to place career over family, ride the alpha male cock carousel during prime beauty years, get pumped and dumped more times than they can remember, and eventually accumulate cats after hitting the wall in their mid to late 30s.

    • Guano Dubango

      I agree somewhat, but if I was the first guy allowed onto the”carousel”, I would probably not have pumped and dumped her, she would have borne me 3 issue by now, and she would have been happily living with my Aunt Ooona and the children in Ghana.

  • Evil Lawyer

    About time: bizarre as the advice will be, the mere announcement that she will be dispensing advice has generated more comments that Guano admitting he’s taking boy george to meet Aunt Ooona.