Law Prom—I Mean Barristers Ball

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Other than getting wasted with the Professors, the Barristers Ball and the high school prom are identical. The law chicks are worried about finding the perfect dress, getting the right shoes, and looking good for their date. The law dudes get tuxedos, limos, and most importantly the hotel room. Just like at prom all the chicks want is to have a magical evening while all the dudes want is to get laid!

Yep, there are many parallels between both affairs but with one major difference: at Barristers Ball the law chicks and dudes have already lost their virginity (at least we hope so).

On this episode of “The Best of Mr. Law School,” Join Sam E. Goldberg as he takes you through his Barristers Ball experience.

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  • Paul Muad’dib

    I can’t wait to hear what Kimber and Mark have to say about this….

    • M Nev

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Ellen

    I HOPE they are good to the women. Men just want to have sex with us and then dump us. I do NOT like that. Fooey on men that want to use women and then DISPOSE of them. FOOEY on them! FOOEY!!!!

  • Paul Muad’dib

    I hope to hell that you aren’t considering having sex with Mr. Law Tool, then.

  • Juris Depravis

    Will someone please take this part of Bitter Lawyer out back and give it the Old Yeller treatment?

    Mark and Kimber, PLEASE????

    • Paul Muad’dib

      Seriously! I understand wanting to have some video replacement for “Living the Dream” but this ignoramus has nowhere near the humor to justify a weekly feature…especially if we have to see his face.

      • Juris Depravis

        Well, I am sure Ms. law School could make a nice wife for some biker from Hell’s Kitchen. Those handlebar ears will be great for gripping and forcing that mouth down on the hog. Or for leverage when riding to the Hershey Highway.

  • military law

    hahah, classic, oh and you are correct on all counts of the ball, also we need a law school hangover movie, how great would that be ahaha

    as for the rest of the peanut gallery, relax and loosen the tie, at least this wont be another perfunctory column that has become all too the norm around here, the kid is gregarious as is his show, and you, well… probably don’t have yours….which would explain the remarks

    keep rattling the cage mr. law

    • Virginia Dentata

      If you define “gregarious” as “sexist bullshit” then I agree with you.

      Doesn’t this asshat realize that he will be in the position to be hired or working along side these “chicks” he’s always talking about?

      You put yourself on YouTube and use your real name and talk a lot of shit, and you’re going to end up Mr. Unemployed Lawyer.

  • becky

    Sam is hilarious! I love him!!

    • Michelle Beth

      Putting lipstick on a WTF is still a WFT. Whether you love a pig doesn’t change the fact that he is a pig.

  • Guano Dubango

    I say leave the man, Mr. Law School alone.

    I think he is like many of us young lions; as you American’s say, he is but a man in search of female crotch. Not a thing truly wrong with that, but as he gets older, he will want to breed with an eligible female also, and it is best that he sow his oats at this time when still young and when he is well able to sample many young crotches happy to spread their legs for a young and ambitious lawyer in training.

    • Michelle Beth

      When I went for my undergrad at UW Madison in the late eighties, there was this African foreign student from Ghana, who while had a nice and pleasant personality, was stinky, literally. He smelled so bad that his body odor was nauseating. Guano, have you ever considered this is the reason why you have not been able to attract any women outside you country of origin?

      • Guano Dubango

        I think it is because of unfair prejudice from certain people like you, that I have not been able to attract the top notch women. I am very clean, thank you very much, and draw a bath regularly, but would not be interested in any event in someone like you.

        Case in Point: If you were an undergraduate student over 20 years ago, by now you are very long in the lion’s tooth; very likely infertile and perimenopausal. These factors, coupled with a lack of sex, could account for your hostility towards me. I bear you no evil, rather I think you are amusing; beside, you help to provide us with the answer to the following question:

        Q: Why does a certan older unattractive “woman” who once went to school in Madison not wear short black mini skirts?

        A: Because his balls would show.

        • Michelle Beth

          And you can suck my balls.

          • Guano Dubango

            I have outed another yet closet transvestite! I am very good at spotting those with stanky personalities, no?

          • Michelle Beth

            Keep sucking until I give you permission to stop. And you are not allowed to talk when you suck.

  • P-Nut

    While this video is plainly tripe, I don’t blame Mr. Law School for it. I think he’s really doing the best he can, and it takes a long time to get good at this sort of thing.

    The criticism really should be directed at Sam “No Standards” Glover. The idea that Barrister’s Ball is just Law School Prom is as old as the Barrister’s Ball itself. This is nothing new, and it’s not some amazing insight that people act differently when there’s an open bar.

    As editor, you’re supposed to know that this isn’t worthwhile, that it’s all been said before. With a little guidance, Mr. Law School could probably have something interesting to say, but instead of actually working to produce some quality here, it looks like you’re just out to take the biggest dump on the internet you can.

    • Tripe Glover

      Couldn’t we shorten it to Sam “Tripe” Glover? It’s got a nicer ring to it.

      • Virginia Dentata

        Hey, I actually agree with P-Nut! I don’t understand why this kid’s videos are worth posting here at all. And, if you listen to him, he tells you that he shot them during his last semester, so they aren’t being freshly produced, just recycled…like his entire schtick.

        • Tripe Glover

          If you’re enjoying the videos (or mocking Mr. Law School), look for new episodes in the next week or two, as he gets ready for the Fall semester!