Law School Applications From Potheads Up 350%

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We’ve all heard someone say in some form or another that “law school is not for everyone,” but a new position for lawyers may be developing that will require a new, let’s say, niche of lawyers: the potheads of America.

Washington became one of the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use during the 2012 elections. Now that marijuana is legal, the state must start to treat it like a real thing. The state’s Liquor Control Board, the agency in charge of developing the rules for the industry, realized that they are going to need some help in dealing with the newly legalized substance. The Board hopes to find this help via a new government contract job, detailed in their 17-page solicitation.

The Consulting Services requirements for the “Marijuana Consultant” have been divided into the following four categories:

  1. Product and Industry Knowledge
  2. Product Quality Standards and Testing
  3. Product Usage and Consumption Validation
  4. Product Regulation

These categories include, but are not limited to, knowledge of “how Marijuana is infused into food and beverages.” Pretty much, Washington wants to make sure it’s sh*t is good enough to meet any aficionado’s standards.

According to the proposal, an ideal applicant must have five years of experience working within the confines of a regulatory system, and experience in creating/modifying rules, laws, ordinances or guidelines.  A J.D. is preferred. That’s right, a lawyer is the preferred applicant for their marijuana consultant position. Knowledge of marijuana seems to be another obvious plus.

Needless to say several teams throughout the country are bidding for the contact. For this position, a motley crew of those who wear suits (the ones who actually read the 17-pages) and those who wear flannel (the ones who used the proposal to roll a joint) seems to be the winning mix. What if you’re a suit who smokes pot? Well, that would be the idyllic candidate.

Interested? The job is set to start in March, but if you haven’t gotten all of the qualifications yet, don’t worry! The pothead dream job may not be that far out of reach. As more states are starting to consider legalizing marijuana, I am sure they will eventually follow suit and need consultants of their own. My advice? Sign up for the LSAT prep course, buy some pot (where it’s legal, of course), and get . . . cracking!

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