• Strenuous Objector

    I definitely enjoyed this one. I mean, if people had even basic introductory knowledge of the law they’d see how incorrect many of their arguments are. I want to tell most people (because it’s not just Americans that pull this crap), “Do you see me debating over whether or not you should wear pink or blue to match your complexion? No? Then stop talking about the law because you don’t know the difference between the Fourth Amendment and the Fifth Amendment.”

  • Guano Dubango

    I was not changed by law school, but since I have been working, I find that the number of women interested in dating me has diminished. Why is that?

  • http://apainedlife.blogspot.com/ Carol Levy

    I needed an attorney and went to a ‘kid’ I knew in high school. I remembered him as a person of honesty and integrity.
    He turned out to be anything but, forcing me to settle a lawsuit for bupkis despite the defendant perjuring* himself. Strangely(?) 4 weeks after the forced settlement the defendant was nominated by Gov Ridge, then confirmed by senate as Pa.secretary of health. (Peter J. Jannetta 1995-1996).
    The attorney seemed to be working for the defendant rather than his client.
    I have to believe it was law school that had a big hand in changing who this person was into who he became.
    Carol Jay Levy

    *”We have little difficulty in concluding that Dr. Jannetta’s testimony at deposition was different than, or inconsistent with, the testimony at trial.” Levy v Jannetta, CCP Allegheny County, GD 81-7689; appeal -J. A370017/92 Levy v Jannetta et al, No. 00150 Pittsburgh, 1992. settled, 1995.

  • BK

    This I think sounds like a woman, scorned, in my humble opinion.

    What was she suing for, and why did she accept a settlement?

    No, methinks this woman was longing for something she did not get.

  • http://apainedlife.blogspot.com/ Carol Levy

    Yes, I was scorned by the attorney who betrayed my trust. He took an oath to act as my advocate and zealously defend my case. He did not follow the canons.
    The case was for medical malpractice.
    I accepted the settlement because the lawyer called me 7 times in a 2 1/2/ hour period coming down each time in amt until I was so upset that I said “I dont care what you do just end this. ” We had proof negligence, malpractice and of course the perjurious testimony (called that by court see above). I called the lawyer and wrote him, within 3 days, that I did not accept the settlement. He told me I had to. I did not know any better : I relied on his word that I could not withdraw the settlement. The fact that a case in the courts for 14 years was forced into settlement and then the defendant was named sec’t of health nominee certainly looks fishy on its face. The specifics make it look even more so that the attorney was not working for me.