Law School Will Never Be the Same

Law schools coast-to-coast are buzzing with the news that the American Bar Association just passed a resolution holding that “law schools may now require students to take and pass bar exam prep courses given by the schools prior to graduation.” Under previous rules, law schools could not technically require successful completion of such courses for graduation. Reports have stated that the “measure passed on an overwhelming voice vote,” with proponents explaining that “the new rule will assist schools in improving the bar pass rates of their students.”

Reports have not confirmed, however, which aspect of this new ruling is more disturbing—the fact that it will likely make the process of getting a law degree even more expensive, or the fact that law schools nationwide apparently need to be forced by legislative action to teach their students some actual law. [ABA Journal]

  • Greeny

    Perhaps, this has something to do with the bar passage rate at some schools versus others….There are about 100 law schools out there that churn out kids who can’t pass the bar unti their third try.

  • MBM

    Did they seriously call bar law “real law”?

  • New associate

    As someone who just took the bar, I can say that the bar is the furthest thing from real law one can ever learn!  If anything, they should be rewriting the bar to test real law.

  • Southern associate

    Haha, my note cards for the bar, looked just like the ones in the picture.

  • Obvi

    It may not be ‘real law’ but it is required to practice. If its what we need to practice, then TEACH IT IN LAW SCHOOL. Pretty f-ing obvious. Thank you legislature!