Legal Humor Roundup for December 1, 2011

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A round of drinks to legal humor blogsters chosen for the ABA’s Top 100 Blawgs. Now get back to work. We’ve got Lowering the Bar’s take on the discipline of the lawyer who sought a “secretary with benefits” (and Kimber and Mark discussed that earlier today on Bitter Brief). Plus, making legal professionalism funny—or at least interesting—and Namby Pamby watches time flow down the summary judgment trail of molasses. It’s the happy hour law review for Thursday, December 1, 2011.

1Though the juicy details came out a while ago, Illinois has disciplined the attorney who advertised on Craigslist for a secretary that would produce and, apparently, put out. Lowering the Bar covers it. | Lowering the Bar

2As Legal Blog Watch acknowledges, “legal humor” is not always easy—often it ends very badly.” We’ve eaten plenty of that crow, but try inserting humor into a blog about legal professionalism. Funny thing is, one blog is doing it. | Legal Blog Watch

3Namby Pamby snagged yet another ABA Top 100 Blawg honor today. Though today he’s writing about time moving like molasses in a freezer—when waiting to get a summary judgment motion over. | The Namby Pamby

4We think there is more to this story but, for now, a man was arrested for trying to steal a police car in Ohio. Having trouble getting it going, though, he used the police radio to “ask dispatch how to put the car in gear.” |

5Police nabbed a Pennsylvania woman for armed robbery of a Burger King drive-thru after she later called BK with her—yep, traceable—cell phone to find out if anyone saw her license plate. |


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