Legal Humor Roundup for November 15, 2011

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I’m sitting back, waiting for customers, and drinking a 21A Brew Free or Die IPA on my birthday. For you, I’ve got a high-flying lawyer who “popped up like a meerkat” in his neighbor’s yard (and on CCTV). Plus, more craziness from a Taco Bell drive-thru, the self-arresting drunk man, dumbest DWI question of the year, and continued misuse of calling 911, this time to report that your iPhone isn’t working. Happy birthday to me, it’s the happy hour law review for Tuesday, November 15, 2011.

1A new episode of Lawyers Gone Wild, this time from across the pond. A so-called “high-flying” lawyer got fed up in a dispute with his neighbor over a tree trimming. So he scaled the neighbors wall and smashed some stuff up. And got caught on CCTV. As the neighbor explained it: “Mr Willan popped up like a meerkat peering over the wall. Then fully-suited he dropped into my courtyard and started smashing up the lights.” | Manchester Evening News

2Sometimes you do the right thing and turn yourself in. As in hop into the back seat of a police squad car, drunk off your ass, but thinking you’ve just hopped into a taxi. |

3More weirdness from a Taco Bell drive-thru, where we earlier posted stories of a firebombing over lack of adequate Chalupa meat, a shotgun threat for not enough hot sauce, and a 911 call to complain about the drive-thru service. This time, a customer in Indiana goes nuts after Taco Bell would not serve her in her motorized wheelchair in the drive-thru. |

4We just give you the headline for this one: Man Arrested For Calling 911 Five Times to Say His iPhone Wasn’t Working. You can click thru for the details. |

5Raise your hand if any criminal law attorneys have heard this question from a client charged with DWI: “Why was the helicopter flying so low?” | Houston Press

6And, as a bonus sixth post, attorneys associated with a national family law group announced this morning that one of its members had located the last known functional family in the United States. | Turnip News


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