Legal Humor Roundup for November 29, 2011

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I’m back after a nice Thanksgiving break and I’ve got another story about the misuse of the 911 system. Plus, Bruce Carton of Legal Blog Watch issues a ruling on the pile of shit tattoo case, suing your kidnap victims for breach of contract, and one of the worst forgeries submitted to a magistrate judge. It’s the happy hour law review for Tuesday, November 29, 2011.

1In another episode of the misuse of the 911 emergency system, a woman in Wisconsin called 911 to complain that her husband wanted to leave a bar and was not giving her any money to pay. | Yahoo/Reuters

2Lowering the Bar has the latest on an ongoing saga involving a home invasion and kidnapping in Kansas. Seems that the guy who invaded the home is suing his victims for breach of contract—for not living up to their end of some cockamamie bargain. | Lowering the Bar

3Bruce Carton, editor and funny guy over at Legal Blog Watch, has issued a ruling in the case of a boyfriend who created a tattoo of a pile of shit on his girlfriend. She sued for (only?) $100,000. | Legal Blog Watch

4The Namby Pamby exposes the inner mental workings that occur when writing a legal brief that was due last week. | The Namby Pamby

5Need an example of a badly forged letter provided to a “majistrate” judge? The ShortList has one. | ShortList


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