Legal Humor Roundup for October 10, 2011

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In a case that may spell doom for movie trailers worldwide, a woman and her attorney in Michigan have sued a film distribution company because the movie Drive failed to live up to the expectations of the movie trailer. Plus, a superhero is arrested in Seattle and more “real-life superheroes” try to live with the dark legacy of their movie brethren. And we couldn’t go a week without something happening to a drunk man in a Taco Bell drive-thru. It’s the happy hour law review for Monday, October 10, 2011.

1If you haven’t seen it already, Lawyerist’s crack news desk has the story of the woman who is suing a film distributor because, she claims, the trailer for the movie Drive made her think it would be more like Fast Five. In legal parlance, Drive sucked and she wants her money back. Lawyerist even has the video trailers from both films available for you to review. In other words, you be the jury. | Lawyerist

2First of all, we didn’t know there was a “real-life superhero community.” Turns out, though, in addition to Phoenix Jones in Seattle (more on him in the next bit), a group of nine guys in Salt Lake City are patrolling the streets, fighting crime, and rallying against unfair Hollywood stigmatization. Says one guy, who goes by the name Asylum: “Those movies have done more damage to the real-life superhero community than anything else . . . You can’t just go out and beat someone up for jaywalking.” Word. | Salt Lake Tribune

3We hadn’t heard of him until today, when news reports came out saying that Seattle “Superhero” Phoenix Jones was arrested for assault. Police arrested Jones, who fights crime in body armor and a black-and-yellow mask, after allegedly pepper-spraying people who were fighting in downtown Seattle. Phoenix’s fans have posted a video of the incident allegedly showing he didn’t do anything wrong. Give it a go if you have ten minutes of your life to waste watching people run around near the ferry terminal in Seattle. | LA Times Blog

4Criminal defense attorneys in the Bronx have had enough of listening to tapes of 5,575 phone calls made from Rikers Island. To make it worse, most of the calls relate to their clients’ and others’ sex lives. The court rejected one defense lawyer’s request to withdraw from the case after he told the judge that “some of the guys are really explicit about who’s screwing who and what they’re doing with each other. It gets to the point where you don’t want to hear it.” | New York Post

5In yet another news story involving a drunk Florida man in a Taco Bell drive-thru, a man at the drive-thru dozed off after getting his tacos—with his foot on the accelerator and the engine revving. When police arrived and asked for the man’s identification, he handed police a taco, either thinking 1) it was a new form of ID; or 2) he was way outside the bun. When police explained they did not ask for the man’s taco but wanted a valid form of identification, the man just laughed. By that time, however, the man’s engine was on fire. And he was also under arrest. | Off the Beat


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