Legal Humor Roundup for October 14, 2011

It’s a good day when four out of the five selected posts are from lawyers who double as humorists. And that’s just what we’ve got, with posts from Lowering the Bar, Big Legal Brain, Legal Juice, and Legal Blog Watch. Plus, the fifth post is an Onion-made headline about Steven Seagal that actually turns out to be true. It’s the happy hour law review for Friday, October 14, 2011.

1The following is not a headline from the Onion: “Steven Seagal Hired to Control U.S.-Mexico Border.” It’s true. | CNN

2Bitter Lawyer contributor Chank Peters has started a series of posts under the title “Tips for the Employed Lawyer Concerned about the Apocalypse.” I guess the unemployed lawyer is unconcerned. | Big Legal Brain

3As Lowering the Bar reports today, under the headline Gaga Beats Goo Goo, that a London judge has issued an injunction against a company that prevents it from releasing a single purporting to be performed by Lady Goo Goo, a cartoon character “that some seem to believe is a parody of Lady Gaga.” | Lowering the Bar

4Fellow blogger and Washington D.C lawyer John Mesirow has the story of a guy arrested after a minor traffic accident. In which he got angry at the other driver. And then took off his clothes. | Legal Juice

5And, continuing the naked theme, it’s in one of the three burning legal questions of Legal Blog Watch:

I have been practicing law for 62 years. In my day, the defendant did not enter the courtroom in a coat, then remove the coat to reveal that she was topless. That simply did not happen. But it happened today! I don’t even have a question. I’m just sayin’.

  • Alma Federer

    These are supposed to be funny? What is so funny about a woman who bares her breasts in court?

    This is what society has done to objectify women. This is not a laughing matter, except maybe to a few dirty minded men who like to look at our boobies.