Legal Humor Roundup for September 16, 2011

How about a shot of Ficken Likor after a hard week’s work? With apologies to any offended Germanophiles out there, but a German court took its own shot at deciding whether the name of a popular party schnapp’s was offensive to public morals. And in other interpretative news, how long is a year, really, once you think time-space continuum? And can you really call that chicken you were ficken a beast? But it was so cute. Welcome to happy hour law review for Friday, September 16.

1Germany’s Federal Patent Court has overturned a decision that would have prohibited the use of “Ficken” as a brand name, as in “Ficken Likor,” a “partyschnapps” by a German company. The court said that Ficken, translated into English as “F*ckin,” is not “sexually discriminatory” or offensive to public morals. We’ll drink to that. | Gawker

2Maybe we should amend Good Samaritan laws to allow for shoot to kill exceptions? In Texas, a good Samaritan who stopped to help a husband and wife who had run out of gas ends up shooting the husband. Nice to see conceal and carry working so honorably. | MySanAntonio

3Nice try, counselor, but a chicken is a beast. And so is your client. In an obvious effort to embarrass people known as Hoosiers, Legal Juice brings up an Indiana case from 1957, in which the the Indiana Supreme Court grappled with the question: is a chicken a beast within the meaning of “abominable and detestable crime against nature with a beast.” Yeah, you can guess what the defendant was accused of doing. | Legal Juice

4In another case of creative interpretation, the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit has rejected an “astronomy-based argument” that a year is actually 365.24237 days. Too bad, as it would have meant nearly six more hours in the year for which an associate can bill. | Legal Blog Watch

5If you followed us on Facebook, you’d know we posted a story earlier in the week about a California lawyer who now moonlights as a stripper to help pay the bills. Now comes Comedians at Law, a fine new blog, with 14 Stage Names We’d Recommend For A Lawyer Turned Stripper. | Comedians at Law