Legal Humor Roundup for November 18, 2011

Most of you are probably heading out of town today so you can work on a brief over the holiday. We salute your dedication. And we bring you some humor, including banning a vanity plate with NE420, getting to court in a stolen car, suing Southwest Airlines over free-drink coupons, and the latest from Finley & Figg. It’s the happy hour law review for Friday, November 18, 2011.

1Some Waldo in Nebraska has applied for the vanity license plate of “NE420.” The state said no, indicating that 420 refers to marijuana use and thus connotes “objectionable, obscene or offensive words or phrases.” Yes, the ACLU is now involved. | McCook Gazette

2A Chicago lawyer has filed a federal class-action suit against Southwest Airlines over the alleged expiration of 45 free-drink coupons, which if redeemed would be worth about $225. Interestingly, former ABA President Tommy Wells also has a bunch of expired coupons. But he represents Southwest. | ABA Journal

3Here’s the lede, presumably all you really need to read: “In need of a ride to court, an Albany woman and two friends allegedly took a stolen car.” |

4Sometimes you call 911 more than 60 times in two hours because, well, we’re not quite sure. But you probably shouldn’t be possessing cocaine when you do. |

5We posted this on Facebook earlier in the day and we also have Our 5 Favorite Lawyer Videos on YouTube. Here’s the latest commercial from Finley & Figg, fictional Chicago attorneys featured in John Grisham’s The Litigators.