Legal Humor Roundup for November 2, 2011

It’s humpday so we are taking it easy and giving you just four posts to read. We’ve got Lowering the Bar reporting (again) on the client who stabs his lawyers with pencils. Plus train robbers net some frozen pigs feet, armed robbers make off with a meatball sub, and spending 36 hours in jail because you didn’t have your ID. It’s the happy hour law review for Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

1The headline from Lowering the Bar says it all: Man Who Stabbed His First Two Lawyers With a Pencil Stabs Another Lawyer With a Pencil. When does the three-strike rule come into play? | Lowering the Bar

2Train robbers broke into a train car in California and made off with . . . twenty boxes of frozen pigs feet. Worth $200. | AZCentral

3In Philadelphia, two men hopped out of a Ford Expedition, pointed a gun at 13-year-old, and said “”Whatever you do, don’t move. . . . if you do anything, I’ll cap you.” After ransacking the kid’s pocket, they make off with a $5.50 meatball sub. |

4This isn’t funny. It’s ludicrous. And we swear it’s an instance of the old English common law of nightwalking, something we talked about in a post last week. In New York, a college student spent 36 hours in jail for being in a park after 1:00 a.m. Why jail? She couldn’t produce her ID. | New York Times

  • Guano Dubango

    The ID thing in #4 above could have been me. I often go out with out ID, mainly because I like to run, and often run through parks. I was told that if this were 30 years ago, and I were seen running through a park at night, that I could have been picked up by the police as this was very unusual to run at night, and, as a Nubian prince, I would not fare will with the men in blue. So I now will carry ID as I do not wish to be arrested.

  • Michelle

    The victim in #3 was only 13 according to the blog article.