Legal Humor Roundup for November 22, 2011

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We’re shortening up our week for the roundup, so this will be our last until Friday. Until then, we’ve got a carjacker armed with a pacifier and an driver armed with, oh, so much much more. Plus why “Rae Carruth” is banned from Pakistani text messages, another theft of large lawn art, and the trifecta of botched shoplifting. It’s the happy hour law review for Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

1A couple in England scored a trifecta of botched shoplifting: 1) getting filmed throughout the process; 2) not having enough room in the trunk for the goods; and 3) running out of gas in the store parking lot. |

2We’ve reported on thefts of 9-foot stuffed bears, ten-foot fiberglass giraffes, and a 70-pound fiberglass rooster. This time it’s a thirty-foot inflatable bottle of Bud Light. | BayNews9

3Legal Blog Watch, via Deadspin, provides an update and more detail on the 1,109 English-language words banned from text messages in Pakistan, including why the phrase “Rae Carruth” made it on the list. | Legal Blog Watch

4A man armed with a pacifier stole one car, wrecked it, then stole two more and wrecked them. Then he got in a brawl with police and ended up charged with a buttload of crimes. |

5Don’t drive drunk—or don’t drive around at all, actually. When you are loaded up with 5,000 rounds of amunition. And six handguns. And two swords. And a hatchet. And several twelve-inch knives. | The Wichita Eagle


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