Legal Humor Roundup for October 25, 2011

Believe it or not, we come across the second case of a car getting repossessed while the owner’s son is still in the car. And the first reported trial over whose dog pooped on the lawn, complete with “CSI-style” forensics. Plus, getting caught smuggling Mexican bologna into the US, illegal barbering in Florida, and stumbling drunk at a soccer match—as the referee. It’s the happy hour law review for Tuesday, October 25, 2011.

1In this episode of Law Gone Wild, it’s an upcoming jury trial over dog shit allegedly left by doggie-defendant Baxter. The money quote: “Two Northern Virginia apartment complexes have signed on for PooPrints, a service that collects DNA samples from pooches, taking a ‘CSI-style’ approach to find the culprits of unclaimed messes.” No, wait, this is the money quote: “The dog walker said her attorney will call Baxter’s owner to testify that the dog pile in the photo could not have been Baxter’s — it was the wrong size and consistency.” | Washington Post

2Czech police asked a soccer referee to submit to a breathalyzer after he was seen drunk and stumbling around on the pitch—and had sent off three players for no reason. He allegedly registered a blood-alcohol level of 1.94. In a lawyer-like defense, the referee stated that “under current rules there is nothing that bans a drunken referee from taking charge of a fixture.” | Metro

3While mom was inside an internet gambling business gambling away, her car was being repossessed. Unfortunately, her car also had her 11-year-old son in it. Repo man dropped of repoed son at a gas station and continued on. | Consumerist

4A raid on a barber shop in Florida for alleged illegal barbering has led to a federal lawsuit. Barbers in Orange County, Florida, have filed suit against the county sheriff and state regulators. One barber alleges that “his business was stormed by deputies and drug enforcement agents in masks, as well as uniformed officers who placed barber shop employees in handcuffs.” |

5U.S. Border and Customs officials arrested and fined a New Mexican man for attempting to smuggle contraband into the country in a spare tire. The contraband? Seventy-six pounds of Mexican bologna. Someone’s not getting sandwiches this week. | AZCentral.