Legal Humor Roundup for September 13, 2011

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At Bitter Lawyer, we’re on top of the world of legal humor and going down fast. Which is why we bring you the best of what’s out there every day, served up by a Bitter Bartender for discussion at happy hour over a good Martinez. Or to peruse privately while sitting at your desk contemplating a memorandum of law and a bucket of KFC. Here are the goods for Tuesday, September 13.

1Fun with codes. Admit it, you’re a code junky. We are too. As in what medical injury code should we use for “struck by turtle.” Kevin Underhill’s Lowering the Bar has the scoop, with links to a searchable database of other questionable codes, including V9542XA, otherwise known as “forced landing of spacecraft, injuring occupant.” | Lowering the Bar

2While we advised White Castle earlier this week to “just comp the cheese,” the pseudo-journalists at Turnip Legal News scooped up and created a second lawsuit against the burger franchise. Turns out regular-armed thin people have a complaint too. | Turnip News

3What’s next, a police raid for overcrowding a phone booth? As Legal Juice reports (and Legal Blog Watch tipped us), the old college prank of swallowing a live fish can buy you a police raid. A year later. | Legal Juice.

4One major car company’s punkd is just another happy lawyer’s potential payday. Advice to Toyota and the Saatchi ad agency: don’t punk young women by pretending to be a British football hood on the lam from the law and about to show up at your house. | Wired

5In the not safe for viewing at work category, we’ve got a publicist’s case study in how to handle television reporters when they show up at your office to ask about a legal dispute. Tip: make sure you give the reporters your name for the record, especially at the end of any questioning. | YouTube

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  • Guano Dubango

    These are funny. I like humour, but often cannot find the humour in these pieces. Also, some of the women on this site behave as if they have mustaches. I prefer demure lady-like lawyers, not these butchy types that can probably beat the turd out of us. Where are those lady-like attorneys?