Legal Humor Roundup for September 14, 2011

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Today’s drink? “Death from Above,” which includes Bacardi, Tanqueray and Coca-Cola. If you are adventurous, include a turtle in there, hurtling at you from ten stories up. Lowering the Bar has an update on the federal injury code for being struck by a turtle. And we get to mention Arby’s and Taco Bell in the same post. It’s the Bitter Lawyer happy hour law review for Wednesday, September 14.

1If you break out fruit in Brunei that smells like “pig-shit, turpentine and onions,” or if you wear camouflage in Trinidad & Tobago, you are breaking the law. One travel blog steps in to help us by listing ten weird laws from around the world, including running out of gas on the autobahn in Germany. | Matador Life

2We are suckers for dumb criminal stories. Usually, it relates to something stupid the criminal does. This one relates to the stupid things the alleged criminals stole: priceless Arby’s wall art. Hell, maybe they are training for a bigger heist, say from Chipotle? | Johnson City Press

3In a follow-up to his recent post about new federal medical injury codes, Lowering the Bar recites known turtle hurtling incidents, including one turtle that climbed out a tenth-story window and went Kamikaze on a taxi. | Lowering the Bar

4Please stop wearing my brand. Lacoste has asked police in Norway to stop allowing an accused mass-murderer from wearing those neat little Izod alligator shirts. As the Legal Satyricon reports, the request has just brought more attention to the brand, not less. | Legal Satyricon

5Is it just us or do all the freaky stupid people seem to be in Florida? Police yesterday arrested a man for misusing the 911 emergency call system. The emergency call that landed him in jail? Taco Bell would not sell him tacos while he was standing in the drive-thru lane. | St. Petersburg Times

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  • Chris

    Having worked in a place with a drive-up window, I always love hearing stories like #5…especially since there were a number of times that I was told that I would get sued for not serving, much less opening, the window! Makes me wonder how they’d sue ME personally, since they never got my name.