Legal Humor Roundup for September 20, 2011

If someone comes up to you this week asking you to sign a petition to free the Banana Man, go ahead and sign it. It’s for a decent cause and supports the freedom to dress up as a banana and run along the sidelines of a high school football game. But, in other news, be forewarned not to wear a mask at a protest in New York, as the police will go all historical on you. As in an 1845 anti-mask law, putting our story today about the crime of adultery to shame. It’s all in today’s legal humor roundup, otherwise known as the happy hour law review for Tuesday, September 20, 2011.

1 Free the Banana Man! It turns out that, if you dress up like a banana and run down the sidelines at a high school football game, you just get suspended from school for 10 days. For what the school deems “mayhem.” Already, the autistic student who did the running is a local hero. And it doesn’t help the school’s position when it confiscates t-shirts exclaiming “Free the Banana Man,” and apparently punishes the students for wearing them. | Fox News DC

2 If you go to a protest in New York, don’t wear a mask. Police in New York used an 1845 “anti-mask” law as the reason for arresting at least seven people at the planned “Anonymous” protest on Wall Street. | Talking Points Memo

3 You’ve probably heard about the new flavor of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream? Schweddy Balls, named after the hilarious comedy sketch on Saturday Night Live involving Alec Baldwin, Molly Shannon, and Ana Gasteyer. It didn’t take long for a “family-oriented” boycott of the flavor to develop, which is what the American Family Association is now doing. As Ben & Jerry’s retorts, “Our fans get the humor.” | The Daily Caller

4 A stressed-out armored car guard went a little Yeehaw this week, firing his gun from a moving vehicle. The car, though, was his own armored Dunbar van traveling along the 210 freeway in Los Angeles. Yeah, he’s now been arraigned. | LA Times Blog

5We reported yesterday on the pot-smoking Elmo who holds the Twitter handle of Qwikster, now the name of the Netflix DVD-by-mail service. Legal Blog Watch has updated the story and it turns out that pot-smoking Elmo is not the only Qwikster-sitting tweeter. QwiksterMovies is the handle of a half-baked Big Bird and Qwikster2 tweets as the pot-smoking pair of Ernie and Bert. As Legal Blog Watch concludes “Netflix’s future presence on Twitter has now turned into a high-stakes race between the company and every pot-smoking Muppet character.” | Legal Blog Watch