• Randy St. Randy

    To quote Duke Philips: “Where’s the joke?” How do you botch the solid set-up in the first three panels? It didn’t follow the lead-up and it isn’t absurd enough to think he was trying to totally muck it up. Why bring up spam and then go in a totally different direction? Just because you can draw does not mean you can write comedy.

    • http://paptorts.livejournal.com/ Albert Wang

      My intent wasn’t for the last three panels to represent a chronological progression, but alternative scenarios–three different punches to the setup in the first two panels. I realize now that the layout could’ve reflected this structure better. Composition definitely isn’t as easy as they make it look.

      Fair criticism. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Ellen

    I think it IS important to get a good job and TRAINING. Where I work, the manageing partner always supivises my work and critiquees it for me so that the next time I will not to it again.

    If this is being enterprenurial, then I am this too.

    • Michelle Beth

      You actually have a job? Come the fuck on, stop lying. You cannot even write a couple sentences in English correctly. You are one major league retard without fail.

      • Ellen

        What are you taking about? I think there is somthing SERIOUSLEY wrong with you. You should NOT be bashing me. I am ADMITTED to the NY Bar. Fooey on you! FOOEY!

        • Randy St. Randy

          No, you can barely spell and use all caps without any sense of irony. You’re either a terrible faker or a fourth tier law school grad trying to fit in.

          • Ellen

            FOOEY on you to, Randy St. Randy? What kind of a name IS that? Many men want to date me, but not you. Fooey on you!

  • Quadoz

    BitterLawyer has it come to this? You have more people trolling on your site than actual posters?

    Ah well.