Local Lawyer Reinvents Himself as Middle-Aged Bearded Man

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bearded-man-profileA Cleveland-area ERISA lawyer has successfully reinvented himself as a middle-aged bearded man, according to legal marketing insiders familiar with the matter. With the help of national legal marketers and brand evangelists, he has also refocused his practice around a new persona of being middle-aged and bearded.

“Frankly, I feel refreshed,” said Henry R. Jacobs, a 1992 graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. Jacobs said that, while he tried numerous other avenues to reinvent himself, none seemed to fit the bill. “I tried the whole Dropbox and iPad schtick and that didn’t work for me. Then I tried the whole virtual farming thing on Facebook and that was not so profitable. This bearded middle-aged thing really resonates, though, and I’m embracing it.”

Jacobs, however, joins a growing trend of male lawyers who are similarly undergoing extensive rebranding and reinventing themselves as middle-aged bearded men. Competition around the brand is considered fierce.

Photo not of actual middle-aged bearded man named Henry R. Jacobs but used by Creative Commons license. Source: Flickr

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