Loose Ends, 1-10-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

As if it wasn’t scary enough that Santa went postal in 2008, an Aspen man was hoping murder would be the case on New Year’s Eve.  Until four bombs were found in his trunk that were intended for a lawyer who prosecuted him, a judge who sentenced him, and several elected officials.  One legal boom that was happily avoided.  [Fox News]

Obama will be taking office with the big man as his witness.  He has chosen to say “so help me God” while being sworn in—despite a lawsuit filed by atheist and non-religious groups. [CNN]

Talk about an internal combustion engine: “Clifford Chance, the world’s largest law firm by revenue, asked 400 equity partners to contribute a total of 60 million pounds ($92 million) to raise cash as U.K. lawyers brace for the economic recession.” [Bloomberg]

Bush fills out his self-evaluation for his exit interview.  []

“Gregory J. Fleming, the former president and chief operating officer of Merrill Lynch & Co., was appointed Senior Research Scholar at Yale Law School yesterday. In his new position he will teach, write, and conduct research related to the current global financial crisis.” Which sounds like he’s transitioned all of his career screw ups into a fun hoby.  [Wall Street & Technology]