Loose Ends, 1-12-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

The National Safety Counsel will be approaching lawmakers this week in an effort to ban any and all cell phone conversations by drivers.  Which would suck, unless you think of all the contentious foreign-language calls you won’t have to overhear cab drivers having. [ABC News]

Confirmation hearings for Obama’s cabinet begin this week, and while most expect smooth sailing, here are five one-on-one, senator-on-nominee situations where something interesting might go down.  The long-awaited moments when CSPAN might be interesting.  For like a second. []

And while Holder’s two months of preparation will likely assist him in becoming attorney general, the nominee with the most turbulent confirmation could be IU law professor Dawn Johnsen.  The well-known Bush critic was appointment by Obama as the head the Office of Legal Counsel, a Department of Justice subsidiary.  Whether she winds up being the “Restorer of Justice” or “Diminisher of Power,” Marvel Comics and Universal Studios already have the comic book and tent pole superhero movie in the works. [Indiana Daily Student | Wall Street Journal]

Sandra Day O’Connor had some thoughts on Mark Jaworski’s experience at his brother-in-law’s bachelor party at the Show and Tel Show Bar.  None of them about how not to be redundant with the word “Show.” []

Prosecutors reached an agreement to delay an indictment against Bernie Madoff until mid-February, which means more time for Bernie to rest at home—if a magistrate decides today at noon to uphold his bail.  Too bad his neighbors might Ponzi his ass out of the building before they let that happen.  [The New York Times]

Story surprisingly not written by The Onion: “Local woman promoted at law firm.” []

Contrasting demeanors and adversarial roles will spark some 70’s and 80’s television-style drama at Blago’s upcoming trial.  “The federal corruption case against Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich pits Joe Friday against Columbo.” While police work efforts are being headed up by Barney Miller, Hill Street Blues and Johnny Depp’s character from 21 Jump Street[USA Today]

And in comedy, Rod tells Rachel Maddow to “Go *sex* youself!” on Saturday Night Live: