Loose Ends, 1-17-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

It’s a three-day weekend.  Not for you, but for some.  And many are observing it by celebrating civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. with inspirational comparisons to the President-elect.  While others think “King’s birthday celebrations should probably acknowledge the unpleasant reality of his marital infidelity so that the criminal behavior of the Federal Bureau of Investigation against King can be remembered and discussed.” So, to paraphrase, hopefully the FBI doesn’t suspect Obama of being a cheating Commie.  []

Blago is a jetliner that crash-landed in the Hudson, and everyone wants off.  His legal team is protesting and refuses to be a part of the “political lynching” that will be the governor’s Senate impeachment trial. [Chicago Tribune]

How does Obama restore America’s moral standing?  With the help of a hotshot power lawyer, of course.  [The New York Times]

And since everyone loves an underdog story—Thursday’s downed US Airways flight actually afford the sixth-place airline a stock BUMP on Friday.  [Wall Street Journal]

A lawyerly Winona Ryder has been born.  A twice-disbarred attorney found a way to trump her own rap of “former murder suspect” by being convicted of shoplifting, among other things, an $8 candle.  The judge told her that “he felt sorry for her but that she had brought shame and discredit to the legal community.” [Dallas Morning News]