Loose Ends, 1-3-09

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Give Heather Locklear some prescription drugs, and she gets all wet and reckless on ya. [New York Daily News]

Who’s that Havard Law School dean on the US Supreme Court short list?  It’s you, Elena Kagan!  Woop woop.  [] Update 1/4: []

Detroit criminal defense lawyer James Howarth realizes the inevitable dilemma of death and taxes, but while you can’t die “a little,” you certainly can be taxed that way.  He owes the IRS $.05.  And he has a $.04 refund coming back to him in return.  So that remaining penny he’s taking as payment for his thoughts on the situation.  [Detroit Free Press]

“A Georgia man charged with killing a woman has been without an attorney for eight months, according to a lawsuit claiming the state’s public defender system has failed to adequately represent him.” There’s got to be a laid-off lawyer dying to do this job somewhere.  [Associated Press]

The U.S. Senate race between Democrat Al Franken or Republican Norm Coleman will soon be declared following a recount, but it will likely end up a court matter when the loser calls for a royal “election contest” rumble in the Minnesota jungle.  Will being known for being good enough, smart enough and having people like you be enough?  [CBS News]

“Good Samaritan” practically means “idiot-that-should-have-ignored-someone’s-distress-and-minded-their-own-damn-business” in California.  Which explains why people are too afraid to tell woman to stop wearing wookie boots in public.  [The New York Times]