Loose Ends, 1-5-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

U.S. Senate Majority Leader (and old trial lawyer) Harry Reid weighs in about the constitutional power to ban Roland Burris, Blagojevich’s pick to fill Obama’s vacant Senate seat.  Burris is a “tainted appointment,” but he says there’s room to negotiate.  Because it’s always about negotiating the taint.  [Reuters]

It’s not advised to play it safe during this economic crisis anymore.  “Whereas Plan A was all about keeping options open and avoiding decisions, Plan B will require committing to something we believe in and pursuing it with passion.” Plan C is a fetal curl-up under your desk, rocking manically, mumbling affirming messages from Slumdog Millionaire[Am Law Daily]

Gov. Tim Kaine, of Virginia may be the new chairman of the Democratic National Committee, but keep an eye on Willie Shepherd.  He’s a lawyer who’s so damn busy and on-the-rise he can’t even stand still long enough for a press shot.  []

Darin Andreos joins a group of only 20 Law Office Study participants who passed the bar exam since 1997.  He studied for four years with his practicing-attorney father who said he “sees his son’s determination even in his skiing hobby. He’ll look at the mountain and say, ‘I don’t want to take the lift. I’ll hike up.’” But that’s only when he’s not swimming up stream, against the wind with one arm tied and a monkey on his back.  Come on.  There’s “determination” and there’s “doing it the hard way.” []

A new 70-page book called Boston Women and the Law.  Yeah, I’m already bored too.  [The Salem News]

Nine (sort of) reasons not to attend law school and seven things to know in case you ignore online warnings and go anyway.  [Legal Geekery |]

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