Loose Ends, 1-6-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

It’s like a really awkward game of musical chairs when the final two who are standing go beyond the fun of the game and start roughing each other up for the final seat.  All while having a gritted smile on their faces so as to not alert the other players how insane it’s getting.  Franken v. Coleman.  []

NYU has extended a ban on the Fund that lost their money with Madoff from liquidating.  Booya!  Don’t fuck with the Fighting Violets.  [Bloomberg]

“Lawyers for Roman Polanski, who fled the country more than 30 years ago on the eve of sentencing for having sex with a minor, on Monday asked that his case be moved from a Los Angeles justice system they say is too seriously tainted by its own misdeeds to treat the Oscar-winning filmmaker fairly.” And by “tainted by its own misdeeds” they mean, not cool enough with someone admitting to sex with a minor and then running away from the consequences.  [The New York Times]

Some law firms are circling the drain and firm culture is suffering everywhere.  But the Firm that prays (and rewards rainmakers) together, stays together.  []

It’s like a pesos Ponzi scheme—law firm loses nearly 100,000 in a client scam.  []

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