Loose Ends, 1-7-09

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

The presiding partner at Cravath, Evan Chesler, is calling for the end of the billable hour because it works to your disadvantage to win cases quickly while drawn-out complicated matters are rewarded.  [Am Law Daily]

2009 has thus far been a pretty good year for Roland Burris’ attorneys.  They just filed their third motion with the Illinois Supreme Court in an effort to get him seated in the Senate and are hence probably less of an eliminate-the-billable-hour proponent than Chesler.  [NBC Chicago]

Madoff has been really peach and helpful with authorities, but prosecutors want his bail revoked.  “The judge said he wants to know whether the ability to commit economic harm can make someone like Madoff a danger to others.” I mean, is $50 bill and counting really hurting anyone?  Dangerously?  Let’s be honest.  [Associated Press]

“Linklaters has halved its 2008 bonuses for US associates, leaving them with US$17,500 to $32,500 in hand depending on seniority.” Because withholding love is just what the British do best.  [FP Legal Post]

Law school needs to get back to the basics of writing, according to a new survey.  New classes are being scheduled at most accredited institutions for between recess and snack time.  [Inside Higher Ed]

The second season of big-time lawyer drama Damages premieres tonight on FX to rave reviews.  Glenn Close is apparently the Tony Soprano of sophisticated law.  [Chicago Tribune]

What do we want?  Starbucks baristas’ rights!  When do we want them?  Now!  [Industrial Workers of the World]

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