Loose Ends, 10-10-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Looking to be the big winner in these bleak financial times?  Maybe your firm’s competitor can help.  “Firms with relatively strong balance sheets are hiring lawyers from competitors that are hurting from the dropoff in mergers, debt offerings and other staples of the legal business. In most cases, they’re even giving the new hires raises.” Now hurry—go start making yourself look useful.  [Wall Street Journal]

Tune in October 29 at 8:00 p.m. for The Barack Obama Show starring your host, Barack Obama.  His campaign has purchased a half-hour of primetime on two major networks.  Ah, man, but that means “Knight Rider” isn’t going to be on that night.  Bummer.  The country was really looking forward to still not watching that show.  [Reuters]

Loaded question: Is diversity worth lowering your standards?  The dean of the University of Nebraska College of Law thinks so.  [Fox News]

An Ohio judge enjoys sentencing misdemeanor offenders creatively.  She just sentenced a kid to 20 hours of listening to classical music as a way to reduce his fine for a noise violation. And when she’s stumped for cutesy punishment ideas?  WWOD: What Would Oprah Do?  “The judge said that if she sees a Dr. Phil or Oprah show she thinks ‘might enlighten defendants’ in other cases, she also tapes it and has it readied to use in the probation department.” Forget the church, we may need a separation of Oprah and State.  [Springfield News-Sun]

The Village People were more “in the Navy” than Trung Huan Nguyen.  He just pleaded guilty to impersonating an admiral.  [Washington Post]

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