Loose Ends, 10-11-08

Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Drug busts have athletes sprinting, peddling and slugging their way through the legal system.  Gold-medal sprinter Tim Montgomery was sentenced for dealing heroin, cyclist Tammy Thomas will serve six months for lying about steroid use, and Jose Consenco was held by immigration for returning from Mexico in possession of an illegal testosterone-restoring drug.  Maybe they can carpool to the clink with Marion Jones[Los Angeles Times]

Yankee Doodle Dandy—Connecticut overturned a same-sex marriage ban, making it the third state to legalize gay marriage.  “The Constitution State” determined it was unconstitutional to deny the freedom for any combination of sexes to be married.  [Washington Post]

We’ve heard plenty about golden parachutes these last weeks, but San Francisco thinks $50-million Golden nets will save the desperate from falling too hard.  [San Francisco Chronicle]

Joe Biden has always been a supporter of trial lawyers, and in return, five personal-injury law firms make this list of his ten biggest lifetime campaign donors.  Nothing says, “I’m showing my support!” quite like Obama/Biden neck braces and arm slings.  All I’m saying is think about it.  [Bloomberg]

Respect your elders, except in some matters of banking.  In an effort to beat the dead, financial-crisis horse a little harder, “Wachovia Corp., the biggest bank in the Philadelphia region, agreed to a $200 million settlement of lawsuits alleging that the bank helped telemarketers fraudulently remove an estimated $163 million from the bank accounts of mostly elderly victims.” [The Philadelphia Inquirer]

You know you should probably drop out of law school when a defense attorney bills you more hours than you spend studying to be one—and when you might be a murderous drug dealer.  Dings up your law rep a bit.  [The Vancouver Sun]