Loose Ends, 10-12-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Blogger Perez Hilton is his own rainmaker. Lindsay Lohan’s disc jockey gal pal, Samantha Ronson, is making headlines after being threatened with “bad publicity” by First Amendment lawyer Martin Garbus if she didn’t settle his bill.  But Ronson is suing Garbus for malpractice, claiming he screwed up her case against Hilton.  Then Hilton blogs, then Ronson sues, then lawyers demand payment, then Hilton blogs, then Ronson sues….  Ah, the law/media cycle.  [New York Daily News]

Speaking of cycles, is the government now paying itself to lobby itself because of the bailout?  [Politics After 50]

Sundays are for reading things that aren’t emails or legal briefs.  Sometimes.  Michael Connelly’s new vis-a-vie legal thriller bringing together former characters Harry Bosch and Mickey Haller in “an entertainment” about the law in La La Land.  [Washington Post]

Your body language communicates 93% of what you’re trying to say.  So that’s good.  Now no one can claim that you scream “total douchebag.” [New York Post]

10 reasons why people quit law school.  [Content for Reprint]

Sometimes the best career advice can come from the 94-year-old guy who delivers the mail: “Stay employed.” [Boston Herald]

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