Loose Ends, 10-13-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

London is now the celebrity defamation capital of the world.  “In the past 12 months celebrities accounted for a third of all libel actions brought in England and Wales.” And many of them are from American celebs.  Why?  They’re being told it’s easier to win in UK courts.  And they’re sick of having fish and chips served on their faces.  [The Independant]

“Tax my bracket!” sez lawyers near the White House.  Top D.C. firms are shelling out big bucks in support of Obama.  Three times more than they are for McCain.  [Law.com]

Jon Bon Jigga What??  Rock band Bon Jovi isn’t wanted dead or alive—rather they’re wanted for $400 billion in a lawsuit alleging plagiarism.  A Boston man claims frontman Jon stole his lyrics to write the song “I Love This Town.” So he only wants what’s fair, which is $100,000 per CD sold.  And a unicorn.  [First Post]

Morbid obesity is usually considered a death wish, but if you’re a murdering rapist, your fat ass might save your life.  [CNN]

One queen bee lawyer hopes the buzz in the hive keeps the drones producing the honey for money.  That’s not a law firm metaphor.  This attorney is a beekeeper.  [Detroit Free Press]

Um, excuse me.  My dad isn’t available the day law school graduation is scheduled.  Can you maybe change it?  That would be great.  Thanks.  [Daily Egyptian]

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