Loose Ends, 10-14-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

Tim Mahoney, the married Florida congressman who replaced dirty-IMing Mark Foley, is now dealing with his own sex scandal.  Suppose third time will be a charm.  [The New York Times]

If the toilet economy forces the firm to pass out pink slips, you can always lateral over to the Army, which is trying to beef up its soldier count by 65,000.  Sure only 83% of last year’s recruits have graduated high school, but you’ll find plenty of higher-educated front-liners to relate to as soon as the President drafts all of Lehman Brothers.  [Radar]

Welcome to the party, Simpson Thacher.  It’s your problem now.  [Am Law Daily]

When it rains, it pours bad blonds for 82-year-old Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.  His legacy of Gatsby-meets-soft porn is at risk.  Magazine sales are sagging, he retired two girlfriends, and now the sexy twins he hoped would be their replacements have been forced to reveal that they have arrest records for assault.  Not sure a man can withstand that rough of a double team when you’re Hef’s age.  [New York Daily News]

Nancy Pelosi is a “prima donna.” Happy Columbus Day!  [Yahoo!]

Philalawyer.net gives a list of the seven sex acts that you might fantasize about (and probably just did in the last 60 seconds) but rarely end up being all that hot in reality.  Except for the “Blumpie.” Really don’t see how that one can go wrong.  [Cracked]

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