Loose Ends, 10-15-08

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Quick headlines from the Bitter Newsroom:

So maybe that’s why she’s charging $350 face value for a concert ticket.  Just start paying Fiona Shackleton boatloads of British pounds already and get this divorce over with, Madonna.  [Reuters]

So, let’s see—so far this year, the sweeping trends for law schools have been to admit undergraduate students without taking the LSAT, completely stop offering grades, abbreviate programs to two years and still charge students out the ass for what is starting to sound like the equivalent of a certificate from the New York Bartenders Academy.

University of Illinois is now the second school accepting sans-LSAT applicants.  [Law.com]

A push is on at Columbia to join the grade-less, free-love bandwagon.  [Above the Law]

Bitter Newsroom covered Northwestern’s new two-year accelerated J.D. program on 7-25-08.  [Time]

Governor Schwarzenegger is proposing a 40% increase in graduate student fees.  [Youth Radio]

20 Clifford Chance litigators became some of the bitterest lawyers in the east today as the ax fell, cutting them from the firm roster.  [Am Law Daily]

The Big O (not Oprah—and not a reference to an orgasm either, dirt-for-brains) settled a famous, long-standing legal war.  Overstock.com made the case interesting after its Chief publicly alleged a vast conspiracy masterminded by “The Sith Lord.” Is that anything like the new IP Czar?  [CNN Money]

Father names baby Sarah McCain Palin in an effort to get the word out about the campaign.  Because there are still people who haven’t heard of Sarah Palin.  And this man’s baby will deliver the message to them.  Like a beacon.  She’s the GOP’s messiah.  [New York Post]

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